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    • Do You Recommend Dietary Supplements to Your Patients – Do You Sell Online?
      For many physicians, the answer is yes and no. Increasingly, physicians want to recommend dietary supplements, but inconsistencies in quality prevent many from making confident recommendationsPureRXO™ is one of the most popular and buzzed about online dispensaries stocked with physician-exclusive products. PureRXO™ allows you to reach new patients and improve existing patient care with an easy to build and robust practice website.

Tracy Barrilleaux An Interview with Tracy barrilleaux

Your PureRXO account representative discusses why practitioner dispensaries are quickly becoming more widely accepted, and almost expected.

createmedicinefuture Create Your Integrative Medicine Future

Your timing and opportunity for success has never been better, for the age of integrative health and medicine.

nutrigenomics VIDEO – Nutrigenomics: Application to Dietary Approaches and Nutritional Supplements

Internationally recognized nutrition expert and author, Deanna Minich, discusses nutrigenomics, how nutrigenomics can be applied in clinical practice, and how nutrigenomics interfaces with dietary supplement recommendations.

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risk-dis Video: TEMED – How do you Calculate Risk in Treating an Incurable Disease?

Neurologist Jonathan Glass and neurosurgeon Nick Boulis of Emory University ask: Should acceptable risk levels for experimental treatments be recalibrated for the terminally ill who have no other options?

soc-med The Best Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Integrative Medicine Practice

There are hundreds of major, active social media platforms. However, companies that attempt to engage with too many, especially all at once, dilute their efforts and fail to make an impact.

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lab-logo Labrix Announces Hormone Balancing Workshop

This workshop offers an intimate and in-depth intensive on hormone balancing, the complex relationship between sex hormones, adrenal hormones and neurotransmitters, and the complicated symptom pictures that can result from these imbalances.

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dean-orn Dean Ornish: Unrelenting Healthcare Disruptor

No one has been a greater force than Dr. Dean Ornish in proving the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of ‘lifestyle over procedures’ for chronic disease. His seminal work, designing whole systems research models and documenting remarkable outcomes-for reversing heart disease and early stage prostate cancer-has been extraordinary.

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ele-andro VIDEO: What Elevated Androgens May be Telling You

You may frequently find a comment on your salivary hormone report suggesting that you follow up with blood glucose or insulin testing due to the patient’s elevated testosterone and/or DHEA levels.

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biotic-research Metagenics Announces Partnership for Precision Biotic Research and Product Use

Metagenics Healthcare Institute for Clinical Nutrition announced exclusive licensing rights to the targeted probiotic, Lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius UCC118 from Alimentary Health and University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

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nor-more Nordic Naturals® ‘One + One = More’ Campaign Benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters

Nordic Naturals kicked off the back-to-school season with the “One + One = More” campaign to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS), a nationwide non-profit organization that serves children ages 6 through 18.

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less-more Integrative Medicine Clinical Services: When Less is More

If you’re operating a small integrative or functional medicine clinic offering a substantial menu of services, you may inadvertently be undermining your capacity for meaningful engagement with existing and prospective clients (aka patients).

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men-myth Men, Myths and Misinformation

As with women’s hormones, there are many misconceptions and myths when it comes to men’s hormones. Women have an obvious marker of hormone decline when their menstrual cycles begin to change and eventually stop all together. For men, the changes in their hormones are often more subtle and less specific, leaving room for confusion.

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rxo-logo Top 6 Reasons to Choose allows HCPs to create turnkey e-commerce stores branded to their practices and has been shown to increase incremental sales per patient through the utilization of online communication and marketing tools built into the platform.

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meta-syn Metabolic Syndrome in the US

Metabolic syndrome, also referred to as syndrome X, is a term that is often used both inside and outside of the medical community, likely because its presence in society has become ubiquitous.

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earn-life 9 Ways to Earn Your Patient’s Lifetime Value

Patient lifetime value (PLV)—predicts net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. Though extraordinarily important, it’s often overlooked by most integrative and functional medicine practices.

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iodine CRN Emphasizes Importance of Iodine this World Thyroid Day

As part of efforts to increase awareness of thyroid health on today’s 8th Annual World Thyroid Day, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) joins the American Thyroid Association (ATA) and its sister international thyroid societies in calling attention to the important functions regulated by a healthy thyroid.

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bland-med Dr. Jeffrey Bland: Medicine for the Average Becomes Medicine for the Individual

In this second installment of the 6-part series on Functional Medicine and Genomics in partnership with the the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeffrey Bland discusses how a medical system that has historically viewed human biology in terms of averages is now coming to utilize clinical genomics as the standard of medicine.

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7-reasons 7 Reasons Integrative and Functional Medicine
Practices Fail

Though it was a general statement it was especially salient because this physician entrepreneur was looking to form a partnership with several community wellness leaders across professional and medical disciplines. While failure to plan, communicate, and engage partners is critical to a venture’s success, I offer seven additional reasons.

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cybersecurity Cybersecurity Webinar: Considerations for Connected Healthcare

Sign up for a new webinar from the AdvaMed Medical Technology Learning Institute for an overview of connected care technologies as well as risks and implementations of cybersecurity for today’s healthcare systems.

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10-day Standard Process Inc Announces New Program to Start Patients on a Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Standard Process, Inc. announces a new program to help health care professionals start patients on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. The 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program from Standard Process supports a well-functioning blood sugar metabolism, which is the basis for good energy, quality sleep, an even mood and a healthful appetite.

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