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    • Do You Recommend Dietary Supplements to Your Patients – Do You Sell Online?
      For many physicians, the answer is yes and no. Increasingly, physicians want to recommend dietary supplements, but inconsistencies in quality prevent many from making confident recommendationsPureRXO™ is one of the most popular and buzzed about online dispensaries stocked with physician-exclusive products. PureRXO™ allows you to reach new patients and improve existing patient care with an easy to build and robust practice website.

prostateplus Powerful New Prostate Support product from Iagen Professional announced today the release of Iagen Professional Prostate+, a comprehensive prostate support product formulated with ingredients critical to supporting and promoting a healthy prostate, including curcumin, lycopene, saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and non-allergenic flower pollen extracts.

prostatehealth Prostate health: Testosterone and beyond

Once an idea or cause and effect relationship has established itself in medicine, it can take years to slowly educate and change thinking. Such is the case with testosterone and prostate cancer. It was long ago postulated that testosterone supplementation increased a patient’s risk of prostate cancer; this connection has been assimilated into medical dogma and is often stated as though it is fact.

anxiety-homeopathy Anxiety: How Homeopathy Can Help

Let’s face it: we live in very stressful times-whether it is the economy, our jobs, inclement weather, our health or the health of loved ones, or even our pets. These in time can take deleterious tolls. Numerous studies have linked anxiety with cardiovascular disease. Not only does it increase its occurrence, but it also increases the risk of an adverse cardiovascular event (stroke or heart attack). Studies have shown that the prevalence of anxiety is high at approximately 70% to 80% among patients who have experienced an acute cardiac event.

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vital-nutrients Vital Nutrients Exceeds Industry Standards in Recent FDA Inspection

Vital Nutrients recently received a flawless evaluation following a routine FDA Inspection. As always, the inspection was unannounced and comprehensive, reviewing all aspects of manufacturing and quality control from raw materials through finished products and all associated testing.

business-model The Best Clinic and Business Model for Integrative Medicine

I am often asked what’s the best clinic or business model to deliver integrative medicine. Frankly, when deciding the most appropriate, sustainable model for your specific organization, there are many important considerations.

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consider-integrative-medicine 4 Reasons to Consider Integrative Medicine Group Clinic Visits

If your practice accepts third-party payer reimbursements, consider group clinic visits as a unique opportunity to cost-effectively deliver important services with reasonable compensation.

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stressing-adrenal-health Video: Stressing Adrenal Health

This webinar video, presented by Erin Lommen, ND, is a clinician’s guide to restoring adrenal health to your patients.

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sexual-vitality Sexual Vitality

Sexual dysfunction is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from low libido to erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, decreased orgasmic potential and pain with sexual activity. Given the many aspects of sexual function, how do we best help our patients?

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brand-identity How to Improve Your Integrative Health Personal Brand: A-Z Infographic

As an integrative health and medicine practitioner or executive, what are you doing to position your personal brand? If the answer is nothing, then you’re leaving it to others to define your brand for you. And that is never a good thing!

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birth-control Birth Control Pills And Hormone Balancing

Though not a form of hormone replacement, birth control pills or oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), have multiple hormonal effects on the body when taken. As a health care provider, it is common to suspect hormone imbalance as the underlying culprit of many of the complaints in your patients utilizing OCPs but exactly how are the active ingredients in her birth control affecting her endogenous hormone levels?

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vitamind-heart Vitamin D and Heart Health

Our grandmothers understood the significance of vitamin D. At the turn of the 20th century, more than 80% of children living in industrialized cities in North America and Europe developed rickets. In response, many households turned to cod liver oil supplementation for the vitamin D they knew it contained. We often hear of this former practice from our patients, who are surprised to learn that it held a purpose beyond their perceived torment.

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serotonin Serotonin Syndrome…A Real Concern?

Serotonin imbalance is a common contributor to mood problems, and pharmacologic agents that alter serotonin levels are among the most commonly used class of drugs prescribed for anxiety and depression.

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mens-health More Men’s Health – Environmental Influences

A few years ago we wrote a newsletter about how BPA affects the neurological and endocrine systems of infants and children, and we’ve mentioned how it (and other xenoestrogens) can contribute to many women’s health concerns including endometriosis, infertility and polycystic ovarian syndrome ­ but what about the men in our lives? Since June is officially Men’s Health Awareness Month, it’s a good time to talk about “the stronger sex,” as they are not immune to the negative effects of environmental contaminates.

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depression-inflammation-pain Depression, Inflammation and Pain…The Clinical Link to Success

In clinical practice we routinely work with patients who are depressed, and also suffering from inflammation frequently coupled with life altering pain. While an individual patient may present with a single concern, exploration of their overall chemistry often reveals multiple co­morbid variables.

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forgotten-hormone Vitamin D The Forgotten Hormone

It is estimated that over 1 billion people in the world are vitamin D deficient, contributing to such common and debilitating illnesses as: PCOS, metabolic syndrome, depression, cancer, osteoporosis, hypertension, autoimmune disease, diabetes, epilepsy, migraine headaches, and neurotransmitter imbalances. Learn the latest research on Vitamin D, conditions associated with Vitamin D deficiency, treatment protocols, and toxicity precautions.

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sun-or-not To Sun or Not To Sun

Summer is in full swing, which inevitably brings up the question of how much sun, if any, is safe? Vitamin D is a unique nutrient, as it is formed in the skin by UV light. Unfortunately, this same UV light can also dramatically increase the risk of skin cancer at larger doses. So how do we know how much is too much? The answer, as you might expect, depends on each individual skin type, as well as latitude and time of year.

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attitude-gratitude An Attitude of Gratitude: Thankfulness and Your Health

Researchers from the University of California Davis performed multiple studies analyzing the weekly and daily moods, coping behaviors, health behaviors, physical symptoms and overall life appraisals of their subjects. In addition they performed a third study including only persons with neuromuscular disease. All 3 studies demonstrated that individuals with outlooks of gratitude had a heightened sense of well­being relative to their comparison groups, with the most robust benefit having a positive effect.

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fathers-day The Father’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

June is the month when we celebrate our fathers and grandfathers, but did you know that it is also Men’s Health Month? The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

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men-menopause Webinar: Do Men Really go Through Menopause?

Do mean really go through menopause? Whether you call it a midlife crisis or male menopause, men do experience hormonal changes in their 40s and 50s, just as women do. Watch this short, 10 minute webinar to find out how to help your patients through this change.

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sell-healthcare How to Sell Integrative Healthcare to Corporate America

Corporate wellness and prevention programs are now all the rage. New companies are launching daily to enter what has already become a highly contested field. However, integrative health clinical modalities and approaches are still relatively unknown to these corporate executives-typically senior human resources or benefits administrators who take lead in wellness program decisions. They need your help!

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