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    • Do You Recommend Dietary Supplements to Your Patients – Do You Sell Online?
      For many physicians, the answer is yes and no. Increasingly, physicians want to recommend dietary supplements, but inconsistencies in quality prevent many from making confident recommendationsPureRXO™ is one of the most popular and buzzed about online dispensaries stocked with physician-exclusive products. PureRXO™ allows you to reach new patients and improve existing patient care with an easy to build and robust practice website.

Tracy Barrilleaux An Interview with Tracy barrilleaux

Your PureRXO account representative discusses why practitioner dispensaries are quickly becoming more widely accepted, and almost expected.

createmedicinefuture Create Your Integrative Medicine Future

Your timing and opportunity for success has never been better, for the age of integrative health and medicine.

liz-parish VIDEO: Dr. Jeffrey Bland Interviews Elizabeth Parrish on Gene Therapy

Dr.Jeffrey Bland interviews Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva, about one aspect of where health care will be heading in the 21st century.

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oxidation GOED, CRN Publish Oxidation White Paper

In ongoing efforts to educate the industry and consumers about the issue of oxidation and omega-3s, GOED (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) and CRN (the Council for Responsible Nutrition), have co-authored a white paper entitled “Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils: An Overview.”

dr-google Physician Recommended Websites – Beyond Dr. Google

According to recent studies, 77% of internet users looked online for health information in the past year. It’s a good bet most of your patients are doing the same. A new article from Physicians Practice lists the websites most often recommended by your peers. Did your favorites make the cut?

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bland-future Dr Jeffrey Bland: Is Genomics the Future of Cancer Care?

Many aspects of cancer treatment today are beginning to take a more holistic approach to treatment. In this fourth installment of the Functional Medicine & Genomics series, Dr. Jeffrey Bland discusses recent innovations in cancer treatment, and looks at this complex category of diseases from the perspective of genomics.

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stress-immune Stress and Immune Function

Since the dawn of time humans have responded to pressure from the environment such as predation and natural disaster. The ability to withstand these stressors were dependent upon physiological responses that supported survival, such as the increase of oxygen and glucose to the heart and large skeletal muscles to enable the fight or flight response.

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content-strat Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader: Part 4 – Content Strategy

For centuries, medical practitioners and scientific thought leaders have used various forms of content to establish and extend their positions. The written and spoken experiential word, in combination with research activities and publication in the medical literature, are the primary drivers of thought leadership.

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unique-pos Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader Part 3: Unique Positioning

It’s time to take the next step to differentiate your unique position and value proposition.

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neuro-combo VIDEO: Hormone and Neurotransmitter Combo Testing

Many of the same symptoms that are affected by hormones are also affected by neurotransmitters. For example, estrogen stimulates dopamine and seratonin, and the stress response stimulates the secretion of cortisol, but also epinephrine.

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meta-tissue Metagenics Unveils OmegaGenics® SPM Active, a Supplement for Tissue Health and Immune Response

Metagenics, Inc., a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company focused on improving health, today announced the launch of OmegaGenics SPM Active, a first-in-class nutritional supplement with specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) designed to help support the resolution of the immune response-a natural response to tissue challenges from cellular damage, unhealthy diets and lifestyles.

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cult-gut Video: Cultivate Gut Health – Prebiotics, Probiotics & Ferments

Dr.​ Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN, CNS explains how and why inflammation often begins in the gut and can be mitigated, and even prevented, by incorporating fermented and cultured foods into your diet.

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int-leader Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader:
Part 2 – Branding + Platform

When most people think about a brand, they think about a name and a logo. While these labels and graphics that establish your ‘look and feel’ are important, a personal brand-when thoughtfully developed-encompasses considerably more.

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micro-rna Standard Process Inc. Researchers Confirm Presence of MicroRNAs in Dried Bovine Tissue in Recently Published Paper

Researchers at Standard Process Inc. recently published a paper confirming the survival and diversity of human homologous dietary microRNAs (miRNAs) in cooked and dried bovine tissue extracts.

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neck-pain Hormone Imbalances are a Pain in the Neck

Testing for hormone levels is often considered when a patient reports issues with libido, hot flashes, or even fatigue, but chronic pain and inflammation are also reflections of imbalances in hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid.

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group-doc Becoming an Integrative Health Thought Leader: Part 1

Many professionals within the vibrant integrative health space possess masterful clinical abilities, significant scientific subject-matter expertise, and entrepreneurial business savvy.

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hyman-practice VIDEO: Applying Functional Medicine in Practice

In this video from the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman discusses the redefining of disease, and how functional medicine can be used as a management tool and systems medicine model for the prevention of chronic disease. With an emphasis on therapeutic partnership, functional medicine offers a more effective response to chronic disease.

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cut-cord Help Your Patients Cut the Cord on Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to stress and can be beneficial in many situations. Worries and doubts are a natural part of life, but for many people this stress response can become so excessive as to become unmanageable.

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improve-health Improving the Health of the Integrative Health Enterprise

More folks within the integrative health community are recognizing that integrative clinical prowess that is not equally matched to persistent business acumen does not make for a winning business strategy?

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10-day Standard Process Inc Announces New Program to Start Patients on a Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

Standard Process, Inc. announces a new program to help health care professionals start patients on a journey to a healthier lifestyle. The 10-Day Blood Sugar Support Program from Standard Process supports a well-functioning blood sugar metabolism, which is the basis for good energy, quality sleep, an even mood and a healthful appetite.

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